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You Know it's Time to Develop Daily Habits For a Thriving Creative Practice

Have you suddenly realized that your own personal creative desires and practice have taken a back seat, pushed out by all the other obligations of life? Maybe it’s gone into hiding so well that you can’t even put your finger on it. Well, NO MORE!

Are you ready to get your work, your life, and your creativity in balance again?

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Download the Guide Now and Get the Details on the 7 Life Changing Habits I Use and the Tools to Make Them Stick, Including:

  • The habit that helps to draw in the resources and people you need for creative success, and how to use it. (It's easier than you think!)
  • How to break down your BIG, beautiful goals into daily tasks and the tool that makes them EASY to identify and achieve.
  • How to make self-care a priority so you have more energy to "show-up" for your muse and increase your motivation.
  • How to use the free habit tracker tool included inside this guide, and where to get more when needed.

Hey there! I'm Virginia... 

I was a corporate creative for a long time before I was downsized out! It took a while to find my footing  and learn how to develop a "structure" for myself! I now have a thriving practice that feels comfortable, meaningful, and effortless.

I LOVE creating new habits and making my day flow. If you'd like more of that "effortless flow" - to do the things you love to do - this guide is FOR YOU! Grab your copy and I'll show you everything I know.


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