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 The best 8-week, step-by-step online course 

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learn to design unique styles through

the fine "ART" of making patterns! 

The ART of Patternmaking¬ģ

If you sew, it's time to expand your creativity! 

 This is YOUR creative design class!


Whether you're looking to design your own brand of clothing,
become the "go-to" costume expert,
or creatively  revolutionize your own unique wardrobe, 
mastering the "ART" of Patternmaking is your first step to success. 


Join the most comprehensive online program for learning to design your own styles.

~Discover your passion for fashion 

and create patterns that reflect your signature style!~


Is this for me? Can I really do this?

Indeed, you can! Let's talk about who you are...

You’re creative with fabric...in fact, you like shopping for "the look!" You have exquisite taste and a flare for style! You're ready to design your own look for more choice, more style, and more confidence no matter the trends. You’re ready to build that "look" by your own rules!

Whether you’re…

  • A creative entrepreneur at heart who can see the value of designing your own styles¬†as well as styles for clients,¬†friends¬†or family! You‚Äôve been itching to put your name on that label! Can you say side-gig?
  • A daring spirit who is eager to embrace a daring style, if only you could find it! It‚Äôs time for creativity¬†your way! You want to let your personality shine using color, texture, and style.¬†Your¬†creative spirit deserves to be center stage.
  • A¬†creative sewist¬†who is ready to take control of your wardrobe and knows that NOW is the perfect time to gain the skills needed to do it! No more settling for second best! You‚Äôre ready¬†for the right style, right color, right fabric...right NOW!

No matter the reason‚Ķyou‚Äôre in the right place! I‚Äôm going to tell you exactly how¬†The ART of Patternmaking¬ģ (emphasis on "ART")¬†will give you the tools, the skills...and the unparalleled support on your design and pattern making journey.

"I can't believe how much I learned about patternmaking. I learned how to analyze clothing and figure out just how they were made. The mini blocks were great for practice. I have full-sized blocks for myself and am now making all those styles I see in the fabric I love. This was fantastic! So much fun" Jennifer M.

Enrollment is currently closed.

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The ART of Patternmaking¬ģ


By the end of this program, you'll have the skills to:
  • make a complete pattern from a picture or your own sketch¬†using the various patternmaking techniques. Saw it online but want it in silk? CHECK!
  • mix-and-match pieces for the perfect style.¬†Looking for a different sleeve or neckline? CHECK!
  • determine the RIGHT measurements needed and take them with ease. Want to know how to create¬†for¬†a variety of body types? CHECK!
  • design and make virtually any¬†style you can dream up from playful sleeves to gorgeous gowns and more! Want to design your own stuff? CHECK!
  • use¬†the most important tool in your toolkit -¬†"the block" - so you can create¬†well-fitted, innovative¬†styles.
  • choose the right fabrics for your design project, including the right fabric for your "test run."
You'll also:
  • develop at least one new style of your choosing using the techniques and skills covered in this course and be able to leverage those new skills in ways you never imagined!
  • experience a sense of pride and belief in yourself as you design and execute flawless patterns.
  • build the self-confidence in your ability to craft a well¬†designed wardrobe. Lookin' good = Feelin' good.
  • have the ability to create patterns and garments of your own design, an asset that could lead to that beloved side-biz!
  • finally stop wasting time and money on "what's available" and get "just what I wanted!"

"This Art of Patternmaking class was amazing. I went into it because I was trying to find clothing that flatters my figure. I found Virginia's videos and, after watching them, knew I wanted to learn how to make patterns. The help Virginia provides when you have a question or problem was great and you don't have to wait for days for your reply." Melissa M.

The ART of Patternmaking¬ģ

When you enroll, you get:

  • 8 focused Modules that¬†show you everything you need to know to build a strong¬†design foundation with variations and suggestions for every learning style.
  • A complete, step-by-step framework that shows you how to layer that good foundation with¬†patternmaking¬†and fabric selection skills so you can create with ease.
  • Live Coaching and Q&A sessions where I will help you master "design analysis" and navigate the strategies and terminology.¬†
  • Worksheets, templates, and downloads¬†to ensure you get the most out of your journey, and to help you¬†when needed to revisit¬†topics in the future.
  • A supportive community of like-minded creatives where we can celebrate your wins and support you in your challenges.
  • Direct access to me via email and Zoom for questions, demonstrations and clarification!

You'll get access to each of the modules, one at a time. Modules will be released on Wednesdays - so that you have a week to dive into that work before moving onto the next.

This is intentional. I want to help you avoid becoming overwhelmed, and make sure you can build on the knowledge you acquire at each step.

What's Inside The ART of Patternmaking¬ģ

Creative modules that contain bite-sized design lessons, so you can go from patternmaking novice to design genius! 

Foundations First: Shape and the Bare Essentials

Understanding the basics is essential to good patternmaking. We'll start with the non-negotiable  "Golden Rules" and you'll learn why there is no standard "size!" We'll assess shape to uncover design best practices - a must when working with clients.

Learn More

Mastering Blocks & Measurements

Discover the connection between well-taken measurements and the precision of blocks. With interactive demonstrations, you'll see the power of blocks, learn to adjust for figure variations, and be on the way to design and pattern mastery.

Learn More

Slicing & Dicing: The Flat Pattern Method Part 1

Learn all about the Flat Pattern Method - the lifeblood of pattern design. We'll dive into dart manipulation first, through demonstrations and hands-on exercises. For more options, these techniques can be applied to commercial patterns! Ready, Set, Slice!

Learn More

Slicing & Dicing: The Flat Pattern Method Part 2

Expand your flat pattern knowledge with added fullness and contouring.  This is where you'll see how all three techniques truly compliment one another. From full skirts to bustier ball gowns - you'll start to realize all the creative possibilities. 

Learn More

Style Library: Skirts and Pants

Not only will you master the art of the basic skirt and pant silhouettes, but you'll learn to apply the full range of flat pattern techniques to design these two wardrobe essentials. You'll also revisit your drafting techniques to add exciting design details to your patterns.

Learn More

Sleeve and Torso Mastery

Dive into the diverse world of sleeves, from classic set-in to gathered and from drop shoulder to built-on styles. Now that you have all the components, combine them to form a "torso" or dress style. From "sleeved" to "sleeveless," you'll be able to do them all.

Learn More

The Details: Crafting Complete Patterns

Unravel the art of crafting beautiful necklines and collars. Learn the techniques behind facings, extensions, waistbands and closures. And finally, we address the finishing touches of walking and blending, seam allowances and grainlines for the perfect pattern.

Learn More

Training Wheels On:  Design with Confidence

This module is all about you and your new found pattern prowess. Through practical exercises, you'll test your knowledge and make your projects come to life. It's like your first bike ride with training wheels, but this time, it's with fabric and fashion.

Learn More

Enrollment is currently closed.

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"Virginia, you have been an excellent teacher, and I am so grateful and excited to continue to design and make new clothes!" Jenessa M.

Check out these amazing core bonuses:

With your purchase of The ART of Patternmaking¬ģ program,

you get these popular bonuses that are offered every year.

Once Weekly Live Coaching/Q&A with Virginia

Live training and coaching calls with Virginia via Zoom where we can discuss each individual lesson in detail. You'll gain clarity, get answers, and share insights with your fellow students. Get design inspiration, exchange ideas, and test your knowledge.

Access to the #ASK Virginia Button

You'll have direct email access to me via the #ASK Virginia button! Before you forget that question, hit the #ASK Virginia button and get it on "virtual" paper. I'll prepare the answer, including demos if necessary, for our next Q&A Session! 

Private Members Only Community

You'll have a private place to gather, share your thoughts, ask questions and get feedback. I'll be inside the community daily to help answer questions and give encouragement. This is where you'll post your photos and celebrate your wins!

"If you asked me before I signed up for this class, I would have said it was impossible for me to find a perfect outfit. After Virginia's detailed lessons, live Q&As, and endless encouragement, I now believe that I can design and make my own perfect outfit! I have many skills to practice, but I have a newfound interest in sewing and more confidence in design." Anne H.

 Bonuses for Summer 2025

You don't want to miss these!

Free Half-Scale Practice Blocks

The best way to master a skill is to practice, practice, practice. But practicing on a full size pattern can be intimidating, especially with the cost of muslin these days! Download this half scale block to practice with and draft, slice, and dice away! Then make up a mini version! How cute!

Fabric and Trim Resource Guide

You may not live near a decent fabric store, but that shouldn't limit your creative imagination and ability! I'm a pro "online-er," and I've compiled  a lengthy resource library that  I'm happy to share with you. Fabrics, trims, buttons - yours for the taking!

Glossary of Textiles and Fabrics

Have you ever heard of the fabric SeaCell or Foulard? What can it be used for? What does it mean when something is mercerized? Look no further! This guide will help you identify many well known textiles, but also introduce you to some rather unusual fabrications.

"Building a Block Set" Mini-Course

The most valuable tool in your patternmaking tool kit is a perfectly fitted block. Drafting your own is a course in itself, but it's fun to do and "sew" valuable. Dive into this mini course at your leisure if you want to draft individual blocks for you or your clients. They're worth every step!

Virginia here!

You’re probably wondering who I am and what I know about making patterns.

Well, let’s get down to biz!  

I went to college for this stuff! I got a design degree which included six semesters of pattern making courses, so I have the inside skinny on the ‚Äútextbook‚ÄĚ methods.

I also spent decades in the fashion industry, working my way up through the ranks, from pattern maker to designer, to product developer, to Director of Product Development in "soft goods" ‚Äď a fancy term for stuff made of fabric! You know - clothing, pillows, bedding, furniture parts, and more clothing!¬†

But I’ve also been sewing since I was a kid! I spent most of my free time designing clothes for myself, as well as family and friends. My whole house is an ode to anything fabric! I am currently a practicing designer and product development consultant, and a mixed media collage artist, and a fabric designer! Hundreds of wedding gowns later, I'm a creative pro! I think I’ve redesigned most of my closet and half of my family’s. Which means, I also know which textbook rules can and should be broken!

After hearing ‚ÄúHow did you¬†DO¬†that? I wish I could do that!‚ÄĚ for decades, I decided it was time to step up!

So here we are!

Ready to learn how to make patterns yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions


Enrollment is currently closed!

Stay "In the Know!"

Ready to be treated like a Red Carpet Designer with early access and exclusive bonus offers? Don't miss out. Join the waitlist today! 

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  • 8 modules with video lessons, downloads, and more
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