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As someone who's dedicated three decades to the craft of clothing design and creation,
organization, and entrepreneurship-
I've witnessed the transformative power these skills hold.


I incorporate everything I love about fabric, fiber, color, and texture
into my art, my designs, and my business. 
I spent years in school learning the art. Let me save you years of learning on your own! 

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Virginia's Studio Cats

I’m excited to help you rediscover your creative energy or expand your creative practice! This is a community for the aspiring creative genius. If you've found yourself yearning to be more creative or wanting to have more impact with your current creative practice... you, my friend, are in the right place

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Pattern to Profit

If you know how to design patterns, you have the potential to earn big!

Get my guide that explores 20 ways to make money with patternmaking. Could your passion for design also be your paycheck? Maybe - Let's find out! Then, we can talk about learning how to make it happen.

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Get a Sneak Peek into Patternmaking

Patternmaking Video Series

Transform simple pieces of fabric into works of artistry.

If you're a sewing enthusiast looking to take your skills to the next level, you're in the right place. Your Sneak Peek Video Series is waiting for you below!

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Good Habits Equal Great Creativity

Support Your Creative Growth

If you want to have a thriving creative business, the one thing you MUST do is show up to do the work! It's not always easy. Let me show you how to make it a little easier and increase the odds of success.


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Learn Creative Principles for Success

10 Principles

for a More Fulfilling, Creative Life

Great principles to use to grow your creative practice and your creative business. This workbook will help you apply these principles and expand your creative thinking in the coming year.

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Make Creating Easy

Creative Ritual Kit

A complete guide with ideas, examples, and activities to help you find that perfect creative prep-step.

Inspiration and motivation are built on a foundation of habit. If you have a routine in place, that signals the brain that it's time to create.

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