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As someone who's dedicated three decades to the craft of clothing design and creation,
organization, and entrepreneurship-
I've witnessed the transformative power these skills hold.


I incorporate everything I love about fabric, fiber, color, and texture
into my art, my designs, and my business. 
I spent years in school learning the art. Let me save you years of learning on your own! 



Patternmaking with a Design Focus

The ART of Patternmaking

The best 8-week, step-by-step online course where budding designers and sewists learn the fine ART of making patterns. Whether you're looking to design your own brand of clothing, become the "go-to" costume expert, or revolutionize your own wardrobe, mastering the ART of Patternmaking is your first step to success.

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The Best Way to a Perfect Fit

Building Your Own Block Set


The most valuable tool in your patternmaking tool kit is a perfectly fitted block. Drafting your own is a course in itself, but it's fun to do and "sew" valuable. Dive into this mini course at your leisure if you want to draft individual blocks for you or your clients. They're worth every step!

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Expand Your Creative Practice

Creatively-U Academy

Do you want to FINALLY finish all those creative projects that are collecting dust on a shelf? Do you want to feel the joy of waking up on Monday morning with a creative purpose in mind? Do you want to earn some money from your creative work?

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Sustain Your Growth

The Designer's Workroom

The Design Studio Membership for Alumni

An online membership exclusively for TAP alumni to help them master the art of design and fit. Unlock the tools, resources, and community support you need to grow your practice and your business. Experience consistent long-term growth on your journey as a creative entrepreneur.

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Update Your Sewing Skills

Sewing Studio Secrets

Learn industry hacks, time saving tips, and professional short cuts. Get that sewing studio ready for action. Join "Sewing Studio Secrets" to get monthly tips on sewing and machine hacks, organization, fit and so much more. For less than a Starbucks order, you can enhance your sewing game!

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