The Pattern Studio®

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Need something more than what retail offers? Want to design a unique look? You've come to the right place. The Pattern Studio® offers fun and entertaining classes in pattern making, design and fit. Learn to create and adjust patterns for unique styles in "The ART of Patternmaking!" Enrollment is currently closed. Join the waitlist and be the first to know when the doors open for the next class!

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Need to design for a unique fit…ya know…because not everyone's a perfect size 4?

Want to work in a more flattering color because this year’s “Pantone Color of the Year” isn't gonna do it? I’m looking at you mustard yellow!

And those “trends!” How about designing for a figure flattering silhouette regardless of trends?

If you sew, it’s time to explore your creativity!

Whether you're looking to design your own brand of clothing, become the "go-to" costume expert, or revolutionize your own wardrobe, mastering the ART of Patternmaking is your first step to success.


So, what IS a "pattern studio" anyway?

It’s pattern making class with a design focus - from a pro!

It's where you'll learn:

  • the easiest way to make a complete pattern from a picture or a sketch using drafting and flat pattern techniques. Saw it online but want it in silk? CHECK!
  • the importance of building a “block” for a unique body size and shape. Want to ensure a great fit that flatters? CHECK!
  • design and make virtually any style you can dream up from playful sleeves to gorgeous gowns and more! Want to design your own stuff? CHECK!
  • techniques to mix-and-match pieces for the perfect fit and design. Want a different sleeve or neckline? CHECK!

The Pattern Studio® library will also include lessons on:

  • how to measure correctly and find the right “size," including “upsizing” and “downsizing” parts of a pattern.
  • fitting tips and tricks so you can easily correct an ill-fitting garment at the pattern stage.
  • fabric properties and selection for different designs and styles.
  • sewing tips, tricks and shortcuts to get your patterns together faster.

The studio also includes a library of resources for the crafter, the artisan, and the pro! You’ll find sources for fabrics, trims, commercial patterns, tools and trends. And you’ll have access to ME, your design partner and problem solver!

Everything you’ll learn applies to non-garment items as well. You’ll be able to use these techniques on everything from tote bags to furniture covers…the list is endless!


In my Pattern Studio® classes, I bring a mix of industry methods, together with a healthy dose of reality, that make it possible for you to be successful!

Yes, there are rules, but there are also rules that can be broken.
Let’s have some design fun!

Virginia here!

You’re probably wondering who I am and what I know about making patterns.

Well, let’s get down to biz!  

I went to college for this stuff! I got a fashion design degree which included six semesters of pattern making courses, so I have the inside skinny on the “textbook” methods.

I also spent decades in the fashion industry, working my way up through the ranks, from pattern maker to designer, to product developer, to Director of Product Development in "soft goods" – a fancy term for stuff made of fabric! You know - clothing, pillows, bedding, furniture parts…

But I’ve also been sewing since I was a kid! I spent most of my free time designing clothes for myself, as well as family and friends. My whole house is an ode to anything fabric! I am currently a practicing collage artist, designer and product development consultant! Hundreds of wedding gowns later, I am a "design for specific body types" pattern pro! I think I’ve redesigned most of my closet and half of my family’s.

After hearing “How did you DO that? I wish I could do that!” for decades, I decided it was time to step up!

And here we are!

Ready to learn how to make patterns yourself?

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